50 Cent In The Process Of Creating A Documentary About Diddy & His Sexual Abuse Scandal

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, is taking a swipe at Sean ‘P.’ Diddy” Combs to another level. According to a new report, In Da Club rapper and his G-Unit Films and Television company are working on a TV documentary about his opponent.

The controversial rapper and actor took to social media and shared that the planned documentary will be about the Bad Boy Records magnate and the mounting sexual abuse allegations leveled against him by Cassie and other ladies. The project’s early stages of development mean there are still few details available.

Fif wrote on Meta (Facebook) ;

” RAPPER 👀I thought Diddy was a Billionaire music mogul, If he’s smart he will file bankruptcy now. Anyone with real money knows why I’m saying this. Im the best producer for the job guys. 😳here come the receipts • www.gunitbrands.com “

Fif isn’t strange to producing TV contents, one of which was hit show “Power”. He additionally produced acclaimed true crime documentaries and podcasts, including “Hip Hop Homicides”. The show featured former TMZ personality Van Lathan exploring the death of rap stars such as Pop Smoke, XXXTentacion and King Von.

Since Cassie’s sexual abuse lawsuit against Diddy, 50 Cent has been using his social media account to mock Diddy. Most recently, the Jamaica-Queens New York native took to Instagram to troll his rival for stepping down as a chairman of REVOLT.

In the caption, Fiddy made a sarcastic offer to buy out REVOLT, saying “I’ll buy it from you, play boy, for the low price because you know Cadillac and AT&T are going to pull out.” I’ll give you a few dollars for it now!” He kept trying to convince his fellow New York City rapper, “Sell it to me, and we can be friends. I’m serious. Call my phone.”

50 Cent’s post coincided with REVOLT’s announcement on its Instagram page that Diddy would be temporarily stepping down as chairman of the company. “Sean Combs has stepped down from his position as Chairman of REVOLT,” read the communique issued by the network.

“While Mr. Combs has previously had no operational or day-to-day role in the business, this decision helps to ensure that REVOLT remains steadfastly focused on our mission to create meaningful content for the culture and amplify the voice of all Black people throughout this country and the African diaspora,” it added.

The company further assured, “Our focus has always been one that reflects our commitment to the collective journey of REVOLT – one that is not driven by any individual, but by the shared efforts and values of our entire team on behalf of advancing, elevating and championing our culture – and that continues.”

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