Amaarae List Challenges As A Female Creative

UK-based Ghanaian vocalist, Amaarae has disclosed that the hardest point as a female act is financing.

According to the multiple award-winning crooners, the public finds it very tough to take female artists to heart.

Granting an interview to Accra-based radio station, 3FM’s AJ Sarpong and Giovani Caleb, the young artist mentioned that her “first challenge is funding. Having the money to not only push your ideas but to promote your ideas.

“I think you always have to get very creative with funding and how you find funding. Especially starting in Ghana as a Ghanaian creative and thinking about how to attack your territory but then attack the rest of the world at the same time and having the support to do that can be very hard.

“Coming straight from here I’ve experienced that but I think with time and as you start to learn the ins and outs you find your support that believes in you and what you want to do”.

“Second challenge is being a female and also making authentic music. I think people find it very hard to take you seriously. I remember when I first started a lot of radio wouldn’t play me, as I told you AJ was one of my only aarlearlyporters. Aside from TV3 and if I’m forgetting anyone I’m sorry but I just can’t remember anyone that’s away willing and open to be like ah cool,” she counted.

She also talked about entities or individuals who enjoyed her artistry not paying her when she was beginning.

“People weren’t even trying to pay me at all when I first started. A platform offered me MTN credit and that very same platform a few years later had to come back and pay me like crazy money just to do a song” Amaarae spewed.

The songsmith appeared in the much-anticipated sequel of Black Panther, Wakanda Forever and is currently out with a new tune ‘Reckless & Sweet’. You can check it out on digital streaming platforms.

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