Arsenal Enthusiast Jay-Z ‘Would Consider’ Surprise Offer To Purchase Tottenham & Brags Net Worth Of £2bn

Hip-Hop icon & Business mogul, Shawn Corey Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z is reportedly eyeing a possibility bid for Premier League colossi Tottenham Hotspurs.

Spurs have a ton of uncertainty encircling its ownership with Joe Lewis surrendering himself to US superiorities after being accused for interior trading.

The British business magnate was indicted by federal prosecutors on Tuesday night and has been charged with giving up confidential business secrets to romantic partners, pals and private pilots.

Lewis has been indicted with 16 counts of insider share dealing and could spend the rest of his life in prison if found guilty, but he denies the accusations.

Amid the uncertainty, the Express reported that rapper Jay-Z is readying to make a bid if Lewis is sentenced.

He blowhards a net worth of around £ 1.95 billion and is said to have the support of a group of US investors.

The 53-year-old Record label executive already has vast insight into sports investment after earlier owning a small minority stake in NBA colossi the Brooklyn Nets.

Jigga also established the sports management firm Roc Nation Sports in 2013, with Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku among their clients.

Jay-Z’s magnet in a Premier League side is nothing new though as in 2005 he was interested in being a major investor at Arsenal.

“I don’t know a lot about the business of soccer but in future, if the right opportunity presented itself, then who knows?” the Blueprint rapper previously uttered.

Hov also told Arsenal Magazine in 2010:
“The press started reporting that I was a Manchester City fan, I am really glad all that has been cleared up and that everybody in the UK knows that I am an Arsenal fan.

“If there are [any fans in the Arsenal squad] they would be more than welcome to come to my next concert when I am over in London.

“They can come and see me do my work, and then I will come and see them do their work.”

Hov could very well turn his concentration back to north London but this time with Hotspurs.

However, the report also expresses that his mouthpieces, as well as those of Lewis, have refused to comment on the club’s fate ownership.

ENIC Group are Spurs’ current majority shareholder as the British investment company has 86.58 per cent of the share capital.

Fanatics have protested against ENIC and club chairman Daniel Levy in recent months due to their frustrations over the club’s hierarchy amid a lack of conquest on the football pitch.

Lewis’ stake in the club – which he held through the ENIC Group alongside Daniel Levy – was formally handed to a family trust last year.

The family members of Lewis remain beneficiaries of the trust.

The Premier League does not consider Lewis as a person with control at Tottenham and is therefore not subject to its owners’ and directors’ tests.

A Tottenham mouthpiece uttered: “This is a legal matter unconnected with the club and as such we have no comment.”

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