Common Mentions One Of Nas’s Song A Classic

Rapper/Actor Common has rare lps that are deemed classic albums by enthusiasts and hip-hop critics alike. However, his love for Nas’ Illmatic is something he mentions that enabled him in his craft.

In a profile in the new issue of Men’s Health, the Chicago resident uttered glowingly of Nas’ acclaimed debut, especially the single “One Love,” which he deems among the greatest songs of all time.

Directing to the verisimilitude of the music, Common clarifies the importance of its plot and storytelling while applauding the Queens rapper for his perspicuity. “He experienced it, and the way he told it was just beautiful,” the ace thespian uttered of Nas. “In ‘One Love,’ he talks to his boy in prison. That’s one of the greatest songs ever written.”

However, in the course of the interview, he revealed the effect that one of his tunes once had on a buff, which he says further motivated him to make music that was precise and heartfelt. “I remember being at a performance and then walking outside of the show, and this dude came up to me, and he said, ‘Common, I really love your music,” the 51-year-old recalled of the exchange. “I want to tell you that your song ‘Retrospect for Life’ made me decide to have my kid.”

The whiz lyricist proceeded, adding, “I wrote that song because I had been through that experience. And there was a moment when I was on the way to the abortion clinic, and the mother of my child decided, ‘We can’t do this again,’ because this was after already having one abortion. Let’s figure out whatever we have to do. That situation showed when you receive experiences from a place of truth, it just resonates differently.”

The Like Water For Chocolate rapper elucidated the association between that experience and his love of Nas, putting in, “That’s why we related to when Nas talked about what he talked about on Illmatic.” Common and Nas have a few things in common, from both debuting during the ’90s to each becoming Grammy Award winners and cultural titans.

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