DABABY Hangs With Dubai Lions 🦁

DaBaby is currently over in Dubai pushing his “Blame It On Baby 2” album, but he’s also finding time to get wild … at a zoo.

The “BOP” rapper paid a visit to the Al Buqaish Private Zoo … a world-renowned animal shelter and checked in with its owner, Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish, and a new friend named “Simba.”

DaBaby is one of the more ambitious rappers around but may want to read his lion tamer manual before getting close to a jungle king again — the lion didn’t seem to appreciate the way he was gripping its chain leash like it was one of his iced-out pendants.

Regardless, DB has been riding high as of late after boldly claiming on Math Hoffa’s podcast that he’s on the same level as Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and J. Cole.

During the premiere of Will Smith‘s new film “Emancipation,” DB hinted he would be adding legit actor roles to his résumé — and couldn’t wait to sink his claws into the new endeavor!!!


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