Jay Z’s Alleged First Son Surfaces Up, Battles Rapper Legally In Court

Rapper/Business magnate JAY-Z is already fathering three kids with Queen Beyoncé, but now, his alleged first son is urging to be officially acknowledged.

Rymir Satterthwaite, who has been claiming to be Jigga’s son for decades, has taken his case to the Supreme Court.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail published on Monday, May 8, the New Jersey resident claimed that he wants nothing more from the “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” rapper than to see what he called “justice served.” Satterthwaite also claimed that part of his demand includes unsealing the court documents so he can pursue the case against the Hip-Hop’s first Billionaire successfully.

“This is not going to be over until justice is served,” he told the outlet. “I just want to live my life and, when it is all said and done, I hope that JAY-Z would want to be a part of my life if that is God’s will.”

He further spewed: “I won’t stop fighting for this until I win. And I will win because the law is on our side.”

The battle first commenced when Satterthewaite’s mother, Wanda, came forward with the claim that she’d had sex with the Marcy-Brooklyn native in the 1990s when she was going through a rough patch with her high school sweetheart. Wanda claimed, at that time, she’d been battling JAY-Z in court since at least 2012, and she was “disrespected” by his legal team.

At that time, too, their lawsuit claimed a lawyer the Satterthwaites employed was “best friends and neighbours” with Jay’s attorney, and they worked together to create procedural problems that led the case to be dismissed.

According to Satterthwaite, even back then claimed that he wasn’t looking for a piece of the massive Carter fortune — rather, he just wanted the Roc Nation Records executive to recognize him as his son.

“This never about money for me,” Satterthwaite said at the time. “My whole thing was just to see who my father was and honestly I get my own money. I work two jobs, I take care of my own business.”

Satterthwaite upped his claims again after DNA testing conclusively confirmed that his mother’s high school sweetheart, Robert Graves, was not his biological father.

Since Wanda — who has since passed away — insisted that she’d only had sex with two men in her life (Graves and JAY-Z), Satterthwaite petitioned JAY-Z’s attorney to submit to DNA testing, but Hova allegedly never complied with the request.

Mr Carter’s refusal started a prolonged legal fight that goes on to this day — though it’s vague if the Apex Court can force JAY-Z to submit to genetic testing should Satterthwaite’s request be successful.

However, JAY-Z’s lawyers categorically refuted Satterthwaite’s claims. “The allegations have been previously reviewed thoroughly by the courts and have been refuted,” they stated in a letter to the outlet. “I am sure that will be the outcome of whatever filings Mr Satterthwaite may be currently considering.”

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