Kuami Eugene’s “Monica” Reigns Supreme on #BoomplayAfricaTop100 Chart For 2023 Finale

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

As the curtains draw on the musical spectacle of 2023, Ghanaian sensation Kuami Eugene emerges victorious, claiming the top spot on the #BoomplayAfricaTop100 chart with his infectious hit single “Monica.” The chart, a pulse on the rhythm of African music, reflects the diverse and dynamic sounds that have resonated across the continent throughout the year.

1. Kuami Eugene – “Monica”:

Kuami Eugene’s “Monica” takes center stage, showcasing the artist’s ability to captivate audiences with his unique blend of Afrobeat and highlife influences. The infectious melody and irresistible rhythm have secured Eugene’s place as a chart-topper, leaving fans grooving to the vibes of “Monica” as they bid farewell to 2023.

2. D Voice ft. Such – “BamBam”: Following closely behind is the collaborative effort of D Voice and Such with “BamBam.” This vibrant track adds a dynamic flavor to the chart, demonstrating the power of cross-genre collaborations in shaping the African music landscape.

3. Wizkid ft. Wande Coal – “Ololufe”:

Wizkid, a perennial chart-topper, secures the third spot with “Ololufe,” a soulful collaboration featuring Wande Coal. The melodic synergy between these two Nigerian superstars resonates across borders, reaffirming Wizkid’s influence on the continental music scene.

4. Yo Maps Ft. Tay Grin – “So Mone”:
  Yo Maps and Tay Grin’s “So Mone” claims the fourth position, injecting a fusion of Zambian and Malawian sounds into the chart. The track’s popularity attests to the rising influence of regional collaborations in shaping the #BoomplayAfricaTop100 landscape.

5. Sarkodie – “Otan”:
Ghanaian rap icon Sarkodie makes a statement at the fifth spot with “Otan.” Known for his lyrical prowess, Sarkodie continues to command attention and accolades, solidifying his place in the African music pantheon.

6. Gyakie – “Rent Free”:
Gyakie’s “Rent Free” follows closely, offering a melodious blend of Afro-fusion and R&B. The Ghanaian songstress continues to captivate hearts with her soulful voice and compelling songwriting.

7. King Promise – “Terminator”:

King Promise makes a mark at number seven with “Terminator.” The Ghanaian crooner’s velvety vocals and contemporary sound have become synonymous with chart success.

8. Kizz Daniel – “Twe Twe”:

Nigerian hitmaker Kizz Daniel commands the eighth spot with “Twe Twe,” showcasing his versatility in delivering chart-topping tunes across diverse genres.

9. Wizkid – “Energy”:

Wizkid secures a second entry at number nine with “Energy,” further underscoring the artist’s influence and ability to capture the essence of contemporary African soundscapes.

10. Jay Melody ft. Phina – “Manu”:

Rounding off the top ten is “Manu” by Jay Melody featuring Phina Tz, infusing Tanzanian flavors into the mix and signaling the expanding reach of East African sounds.

New Entries and 2024 Anticipation:

Wizkid’s “Ololufe” and “Energy” make notable new entries, showcasing the artist’s consistent impact on the African music scene. Kizz Daniel’s “Twe Twe” and Phina Tz’s “Manu” add further diversity to the chart, promising a vibrant musical landscape in 2024.

As the #BoomplayAfricaTop100 bids farewell to 2023, it welcomes the new year with eager anticipation for more chart-topping hits and the continued celebration of Africa’s rich musical tapestry. Applauding the talent showcased in 2023, music enthusiasts can look forward to the beats, rhythms, and melodies that will shape the continent’s sonic landscape in the coming year.

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