Magic Johnson Responds To Nas Hailing His Business Prowess On Magic Sequel Homage

Basketball legend Magic Johnson has responded to Nas commending his feats as a magnate in a commendation song on his new album, Magic 2.

On Saturday, July 22, Johnson took to social media to vent his gratitude for the gesture, expanding his props to the Queens rap legend by realizing his prowess as a business mogul.

“On Nas’s new album Magic 2 he dedicated track 7 to me called Earvin Magic Johnson!” the 63-year-old wrote. “Thank you for the respect and honour of my business acumen. You’re a hell of a businessman in your own right!”

On Nas’s new album Magic 2, he dedicated track 7 to me called Earvin Magic Johnson! Thank you for the respect and honour of my business acumen. You’re a hell of a businessman in your own right!

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) July 22, 2023

The music, titled after the NBA icon, was dropped on Friday (July 21) and includes nods to his accomplishments in the field of business, as he’s built up one of the largest empires of any Black athlete to date. “On my Earvin Magic Johnson, I’m enterprising/ I keep it ghetto like the hood before they gentrified it” he raps on the chorus, later equating his recent streak of success to that of the Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-led Lakers teams of the ’80s.

“I still ball, me and Wilson put up forty on the board/ At The Forum like I’m Magic and Kareem on the floor/ Pat Riley on the bench callin’ plays, I just score,” he brags on the second verse of the Hit-Boy-produced song.

The ‘Ether’ rapper also expressed his appreciation for the creative regeneration he’s proficient in, dubbing this recent period as his “best” yet. “I’m happy to be around making new music because I love it,” he wrote on social media. “Having the best year of my life. I caught the Holy Spirit and I’m grateful to be giving it all to the world. Magic 2.”

Prematurely this year, the 49-year-old god-emcee uttered on the current revitalization in the inspiration he’s experienced that’s led to the uptick in album releases over the past five years. “I’m in one of these creative growth spurts,” he told Vanity Fair last month. “It’s something that I’m really excited about, and it surprises me – but I’m not too, too surprised because I was also waiting for the day that I felt like this again, and I knew it would come.”

Listen to Nas’ “Earvin Magic Johnson” tribute below.

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