Makaveli season : New Tupac music coming

Fresh details emanating from the late American entertainer, Tupac’s estate indicate that there is new music from him soon.

However, the deceased rapper’s monumental legacy will manifest into an upcoming Greatest Hits album with four previously unreleased songs added on.

The information comes from an ardent Pac fan page, who had some words on the rumored release. “SO WORD ON THE STREETS IS THAT UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP WILL BE DROPPING A NEW 2PAC GREATEST HITS,” they wrote.

“The album will consist of previously released recordings from the ‘2Pacalypse Now’ period to Pac’s ‘Thug Life’ period with 4 previously unreleased Pre-Death Row tracks. S/O to @2pac_forum_com for the info.”

With this in mind, fans should be very eager to begin again celebrating one of the greatest rappers of all time. Again, it’s not the first news we’ve heard this year about new songs from the California-based icons. During a December podcast interview, Shakur’s associate E-Love confirmed some Battlecat-produced tracks would finally see the light of day in 2023. “Bob did more songs with him than I did,” he told the I Only Touch Greatness podcast. “I did two to three songs. Two songs are coming out next year. Bob did a string of songs that still have not yet come out.”

Even with this excitement over new Pac music, some kinks and waves are still being worked out when it comes to his old songs. Back in 2018, Tupac’s estate settled a five-year lawsuit with Death Row Records over unfulfilled royalty payments to the deceased rapper. Not only did Death Row pay them, but they received a slew of unreleased songs.

Further, they intended to release two albums and discussed the possibility.

Meanwhile, legacy manifests in mysterious ways for the “Hail Mary” hit rapper. Fun fact: that song came out 26 years ago today (February 11). For example, a painting of him that belonged to John Singleton is now worth $75K. Given both icons’ tragic losses, that bumped up the price for the Baby Boy artifact. However, it also goes to show just how much people champion Pac’s artistry. Let us know if you’re looking forward to New 2Pac music in the comments, and come back to this blog for the latest updates.

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