Missy Elliott Gives Busta Rhymes His “Flowers” For BET’s Lifetime Achievement Honor

Rapper Missy Elliott has vented her respect and adoration for her “twin” Busta Rhymes as the rap legend was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 BET Awards on Sunday (June 25). In a clip posted on her Instagram account, Missy utters glowingly about the Brooklyn native, who she’s been tied and compared to for nearly 30 years as a vanguard and contemporary.

“Busta has brought timeless music, creativity, visuals,” Elliott begins, before complimenting the Flipmode Squad general’s gregarious personality and kind nature. “Busta’s heart is always the thing that’s stood out,” the Virginia native says before noting his continued support and how he’s “always on some animated stuff.” When asked of her favorite verse Busta ever spat, Missy momentarily mulls over the question before choosing “Touch It” as the top performance. “This was the time that Busta decided he wanted to try to get sexy on a track,” she reasons. “But I thought that was amazing cause I had never heard that style from Busta.”

In the video, Elliott also says she’s never seen Busta as competition due to the rapper being akin to her twin and acknowledging that she could never compete with someone who helped pave the way for her. Missy continues to extend congratulations to the tenured rap vet, stating that “we should give more flowers to a Busta Rhymes” before adding that she doesn’t think “there’s enough bouquets” that can be given for his impact on the game. “Thank you for getting on someone like my first album,” she says. “I am honored to call you my brother, I love you with all my heart.”

Busta hopped in the comment section of Missy’s post and voiced his appreciation for the Supa Dupa Fly rapper’s acknowledgement and the mutual respect they have for one another. “I LOVE YOU BEYOND DESCRIPTION MY BEAUTIFUL TWIN,” the 51-year-old wrote in all caps. “I’M FOREVER GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE AND BECAUSE YOU ARE SO GREATLY APPRECIATED BY ME AND BY SO MANY.”

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