Rapper Killer Mike Extends Gratitude To Wife & Collaborators For Grammy Success

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Rapper Killer Mike in a heartfelt social media post, acclaimed took the opportunity to express his profound gratitude to those who have supported and contributed to his Grammy-winning journey. The artist, known for his groundbreaking album “MICHAEL,” delivered a profound message of appreciation to his spouse, Shay, whom he credited for unwavering support and companionship throughout his career.

Mike’s humility shone as he acknowledged the guidance of producer No I.D., whose mentorship was pivotal in shaping the album’s emotional depth and resonance. With heartfelt words, he thanked No I.D. for assisting him in translating his innermost thoughts and experiences into the acclaimed work of art.

Gratitude extended to the Recording Academy for recognizing his contributions to the music industry and affording him the opportunity to be considered for such prestigious accolades. The rapper expressed profound appreciation for his A&R team, Cuz Lightyear and Dart Parker, and manager Will Bronson, with whom he has weathered challenges and celebrated triumphs.

A nod was given to his longtime collaborator EL-P, with whom he forms the dynamic duo Run The Jewels, acknowledging their enduring partnership in creating groundbreaking music over the past decade.

MICHAEL’s recognition extended to the creative forces behind Loma Vista Recordings, as well as the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, which he proudly hails as his hometown. The artist’s exuberant hashtag #ITSASWEEP encapsulated the jubilant spirit of his Grammy success.

In a testament to the collaborative nature of the music industry, The Dungeon Family rapper expressed gratitude towards a multitude of artists and collaborators who contributed to the album’s success. From established names like Andre 3000 and T.I. to emerging talents like BLXST and JID, Killer Mike made sure to acknowledge the diverse array of voices that enriched his project.

Concluding his post with a heartfelt message of appreciation to all who played a part, Killer Mike emphasized the collective effort it took to bring “MICHAEL” to fruition. The rapper’s words resonated with sincerity and humility, serving as a reminder of the power of collaboration and community in the world of music.

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