Sarkodie Pays Tribute To His Deceased Buddy & Lawyer Cynthia Quarcoo

Ghanaian celebrated rapper Sarkodie has taken to social media to pay tribute to his departed adorable buddy and attorney, Madam Cynthia Quarcoo Esq.

The ‘Adonai’ rapper, wrote on his Facebook wall :

“I knew you were meant to be a part of this trip the moment we first met. It almost felt like you were stalking me because you knew everything about me. After being shifted, I thought, “Now that’s my lawyer!” Since our first encounter, we have never been apart. With so many memories, moving past this will be quite difficult. one of the few persons with whom I am frank. Mama Cee! You ought to have at least told me you weren’t feeling well, but knowing you, I know you don’t want us to feel sorry for you.

You left exactly how you wanted (STRONG) a classic Mama C. We will all find this to be incredibly difficult, but I suppose that comes with showing love. I sent a WhatsApp message asking “Mama C Na mentee Wonka oo” but after several hours of seeing two ticks, I felt something was wrong and they broke the news to me. It was unusual that I hadn’t heard from you in these few days because knowing my Mama Cee she would be the first person to text me worried and tease me. We shall attempt to be strong since it is what you would want for all of us, Mama C.

Let’s be strong. Condolences to the family and friends, especially the kids.”

The prominent lawyer who also doubles as the founder of Africa 1 Media, a talent management and Public Relations outfit, passed away on June 21, 2023, after a long ailment.

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