Sizzla Burns Plaques Over ‘Disrespect’ From DJ Khaled: ‘You’re Not The Best, You’re The Worst’

According to Sizzla, he took umbrage to the fact that, after all his contributions to Khaled’s big break in the music industry, the producer had dared to insult—not only himself—but Jamaica, by putting the names of the Jamaican artists in fine print.

“Yuh nuh di best; Yuh di worst!  Weh yuh feel like DJ Khaled?  Yuh cyaa style Sizzla?  A mi buss yuh!  August Town buss yuh.”

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Those were among the expressions from Sizzla Kalonji as he rained condemnation on DJ Khaled for what he said was his show of utter disrespect, even as he ripped up and symbolically burnt to cinders the two plaques the Palestinian-American producer sent to him, commemorating the Platinum certification of his Grateful (2017) and Father of Asad (2019) albums.

The Reggae/Dancehall superstar had contributed to the two albums, collaborating on the Father of Ashad track Holy Mountain, which also featured Buju Banton, Mavado, and rapper 070 Shake, and singing the lead track I’m so Grateful on the Grateful album.   

Buju Banton was also featured on the final track, Holy Ground on

Father of Ashad, while singjay Mavado had Unchanging Love.  Earlier this year, Khaled recruited Sizzla, Capleton, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, and Skillibeng for These Streets Know My Name, which appeared on his album God Did.

Grateful was certified Platinum on August 23, 2017 and 2X Platinum earlier this year, while Father of Ashad was certified platinum on May 17, 2020. 

Sizzla / DJ Khaled

However, the plaques being sent to him five and two years after their certification and his name written in small lettering was enough to make the Bobo Ashanti Rastafarian incensed.

“Weh yuh feel like?  Wrong plaque yuh sen.  Mi can’t even si mi name. An a now yuh a sen plaque come gi mi?  Look how hard wi work.  Joke yu a teck dis ting fah.  Bun dat!  Bun plaque.  Serious yuh hear!”  Sizzla said during the fiery ritual which took place at his Judgment Yard base in August Town, Jamaica this morning.

“Joke yuh jokin. More fire pan dat.  Bout oonu a Fire King an fire dis.  Show yuh wha a gwaan.  Bun!  Wrong plaque yuh sen come gi mi.  Africa!  Burn di devil burn corruption!” Sizzla said.

The Solid As a A Rock artist made sure to declare that Khaled’s sons were not a part of the “ever-living fire” he was raining on their father, as according to him, children are “precious and innocent.” 

As such, prior to setting the plaques and their packaging ablaze, he asked one of his assistants to remove the images of the two boys, which he asked a few moments later, to be placed in his studio.

“Asad a di boss,” he said of the little boy, whom he declared his Godchild.  “Children are an heritage onto the Lord and the fruit of the womb is the reward.  Babies are innocent.  Ashad, big up yuhself.”

“I rather accept this as my plaque man.  Babies are innocent.  This is my godchild right here, OK.   Rastafari!  Put it in my studio.  Selassie bless you,” said as he ended the ritual, leaving the rest of the heap to burn to ashes.

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In another clip, of the ritual, the Guide Over Us singer continued to rebuke Khaled, accusing him of insulting Jamaica, while his assistants continued to add more fire, which is used by Rastafarians in purification, burning, and cleansing.

“DJ Khaled man yuh insult me man.  You insult Jamaica.   Everything a bun,” he added as he threw the plastic wrapping and another piece of the plaque into the flames.

Many of Sizzla’s fans joined him in blasting Khaled, with some hurling the longstanding accusations at the We The Best producer of being a “culture vulture”, while others labelled the Arab an opportunist has been exploiting Rastafari and Reggae for his personal gain. 

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Some called upon veteran selector Foota Hype, who had been warning continuously that Khaled, after being propelled to stardom by Jamaicans was treating the island’s artistes like his underlings.

“Remember u talk about DJ Khaled and the people dem call yuh bad mind???? Look ya now!!!” sdayz said while tagging Foota who replied: “yup”.

“I’ve never like DJ Khalid could see he was a culture vulture from time….maximising and profiting from Jamaica and Rasta, and he carrying on like he’s the voice and face off Jamaica. Bun him too,” conscious_eye said, while blackchiney04 added: “ A suh him love use uno dung a jamaica 🔥🔥🔥 bun out him rass….. so dem love come gwrn like dem bigger den uno wen uno are the greatest 🔥🔥….bun it right dung

One commenter jeniel, pointed out that what Khaled had done was not unexpected, as the producer appeared to be “building a legacy for his kids by using people to get what and where he want to go”.

“If you look into it. He dnt ding a song but all of his albums he’s on the cover in BOLD and lately with his kids. You can’t even see the names of the true artist them unless you use a glasses 🤓 it’s like their names are in fine print. One Sizzla! Gas them and light them!!!!!!” she urged.

“Lol.  Look like unuh finally a have sense , all him do a use unuh name 🤣 pon him riddim and take all credit but unuh love hype bye,” urbanpost stated, while myroelbey added: “I been telling yall this dude was using Jamaicans. Finally yall see it. Man’s been using Jamaica for time! #riseup”.

Others said that the Jamaican musicians were to be blamed for being too welcoming to Khaled.

“Khalid a take Jamaican artist fi fool but a uno always a welcome him especially bounty wid open arms push weh did jamaica selector dem fi foreigners just like Vegas always seh him friten…,” presidentialxxlife said.

“DJ Khaled’s name is huge on the albums, but the actual talented artists’ names are small or missing. He is the most fame stealing producer of all time. I’ve never seen someone who is supposed to be behind the scenes take such a front and center space. Narcissistic personality disorder on full display,” worldmindedsister stated.

Others said that Khaled had better stay away from Jamaica and Judgment Yard, even as they hailed Sizzla for always standing up and never genuflecting to North Americans.

“This a show wi seh a Nuh every ting wi fi accept.  Know your Worth and values.  Many artiste wuda excited getting a plaque but Sizzla looked at it Ina different way him Nuh feel plz Abt the presentation! Respect and levels big up Yu self dada ghetto yutes president.  1reggae 1jamaica🙏🏾,” lush said.

“For Sizzla to do this He must have his reasons and we don’t know but I do know that Sizzla plays no games! He’s not one to tek disrespect or play mind games!” shaunnah_classic said, while fragrance620 added: “Ano every Jamaican artist especially a legend like dada will tolerate disrespect for money or recognition. Big up u self dada. U always stand ur ground. 👏👏 u no likky likky”.

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