An Iconic Lil Kim Dance move saves woman in tragic drive-by shooting

An Alabama woman just gave new meaning to “Hip Hop saved my life.”

On April 26, a drive-by shooting shook an apartment complex community, and one resident spoke with the local news, sharing how busting Lil Kim’s signature dance move saved her life.

Shariah Taylor was outside when the bullets started flying and had to think fast to protect her child. She described the horrific encounter in great detail.

“I hear pop, pop, pop, about 7 rounds,” Taylor told News 4. “So I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, doing my Lil Kim. I’m trying to get my baby in the car, then I threw my baby in the backseat and we just sped off.”

The Lil Kim reference added some levity to the unfortunate events as the dance from the iconic femcee has become a meme goldmine since resurfacing at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. The rapper initially made the moves famous with Mobb Deep on their 1999 “Quiet Storm (Remix).”

While Taylor found some humor in such a dark situation, she shared in the same interview that:

“Sometimes, I don’t feel safe. I’m kind of paranoid out here and I’m scared.”

And rightfully so, surviving a shooting. Among the well wishes to Taylor and her family, the now-viral interview circulating social media has garnered some humorous relief as folks laugh with Taylor for her Lil Kim reference. Even in life’s darkest moments, Hip Hop cannot only save us but also bring folks together.


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