Atlanta-Georgia: Rema Walks Off Stage In Bizarre Manner

Nigerian songster, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, strode off the stage in outrage during his show in Atlanta.

Rema suddenly ended his concert following the venue’s inadequate conditions and among other things expressed discomfort with the heat inside the venue.

In a viral video circulating on social media, the songster got onstage and performed just two songs with the audience, then angrily left the stage.

Taking care of his fans before walking off the stage, the crooner apologised to his audience and pledged to reschedule his show in Atlanta.

Venting out his resentments, Rema expressed that the event organisers had demonstrated disrespect not just towards him but also towards Afrobeats as a genre.

“We don’t move like this; Afrobeats is way too big to move like this. I don’t take no rubbish and I respect my fans.

“I’m going to reschedule this show [because] they have disrespected me and disrespected Afrobeats by treating you guys like this. I love you,” he said.

Watch the video :

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