Bobby Shmurda Involved In A Fight At A London Nightclub

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It’s been three years since Bobby Shmurda was finally released from prison. And though he’s been keeping his nose clean and living his best life out on these streets, the Brooklyn rapper was recently involved in a scuffle while overseas at a nightclub.

According to TMZ, the “Hot N*gga” rapper found himself throwing some hands while in a nightclub in London Sunday (Feb. 18), after performing for the crowd. Interestingly enough, the fight seems to have began with the promoter of the club, where Shmurda performed two songs. While there’s no information as to what led to Bobby and the club promoter getting into it, obviously something was said or done to get Bobby riled up. Things went left before anyone knew.

Per TMZ:

There was pushing, shoving and at one point Bobby allegedly spit at someone in the crowd.

Shortly after the fight, Bobby and crew said peace out and left the club. The scuffle was soon forgotten, and no cops were called and the party continued. We’re told no one was injured.

Last time we talked to Shmurda was in June, when he said that rap sucked so bad, he only listens to it in the club. Apparently, he also dukes it out to those tunes too.

Well, at least police was kept out of the matter; the last thing Bobby needs it to be locked up abroad over whatever unnecessary BS went down at that club. One has to wonder what was the reason for the dust-up as Bobby’s been on his best behavior since getting released from the joint in 2021. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Bobby addresses the incident on social media or something.


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