BOYDOE in the Afro Jungle

Boydoe is out with a new EP called Afro jungle.

This EP has 8 songs and has a blend of afro sounds , highlife ,rap , dancehall and other genres. Released 2 November 2022 . this particular EP feature TeeCeeGH , Yaa pono , Gustav , King bruce band with production from BDS.


Boydoe who juggles music and being a chef has released several mixtape and EPs independently . boudoe aka Stephen Johnsn who has led an interesting life in Ghana and the U.S.A and always stresses on hard work despite his grandfather being the legendary Highlife Royalty King Bruce. Boy doe has several collabs with yaa pono , Artillery , 2ice , Moski and more

He believes his hard work and independent record label Backbeats will one day attract more investor to fuel more projects

Here is the new EP 

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