Burna Boy Asserts Dominance: “There’s Only The ‘Big 2’ & Then, There’s Me”

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Grammy-winning Nigerian sensation, Burna Boy, unapologetically claimed his distinctive position in the music industry, boldly declaring, “There’s only the ‘big 2’ and then, there’s Burna Boy.” The “City Boy” maestro dismissed the concept of a ‘big 3,’ positioning himself in a league beyond conventional categorizations.

During a recent concert, Burna Boy emphatically asserted his unmatched status, expressing disinterest in being classified among the ‘big 3.’ His proclamation has ignited diverse reactions among music enthusiasts, sparking debates on social media about whom Burna Boy might consider as the ‘big 2.’

This confident declaration comes on the heels of Burna Boy’s historic achievement in July 2023 when he became the first African artist to sell out a stadium show in the United States. The illustrious event took place at the 41,000-capacity Citi Field Stadium in NYC, solidifying Burna Boy’s global influence and captivating stage presence.

Notably, Burna Boy showcased a remarkable lineup at the sold-out stadium, including a performance by his sister, Nissi, and a collaborative act with British rapper Dave for their song ‘Location.’ The concert featured a dynamic presentation of Burna Boy’s repertoire, spanning his albums ‘Outside,’ ‘African Giant,’ ‘Twice As Tall,’ and ‘Love Damini,’ culminating in an unforgettable musical experience.

As Burna Boy continues to assert his dominance and redefine industry norms, his bold statement leaves fans and critics alike anticipating what groundbreaking moves the ‘African Giant’ has in store for the global music scene. The claim of being in a league of his own reflects Burna Boy’s unwavering self-confidence and determination to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

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