Cam’ron Says Master P, No Limit Inspired Dipset’s Formative Years

Cam’ron explained how Master P and his No Limit crew inspired Dipset‘s formative years. Cam spoke to the All The Smoke podcast about his career and pointed to P’s strategy for the collective’s design. 

He explained that there was a kind of hysteria surrounding New York City when No Limit emerged as a powerhouse. Cam expressed that people were determined to establish their camps with loyal figures to compete with No Limit’s army-like movement. And Killa was no different. 

“I used to observe these arguments, like, ‘Ni**as is really going crazy about ni**as who’s in the same clique.’ So I kinda took all that format to try to make the Diplomat brand,” he recalled. 

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“Ni**as used to have No Limit fights on my block. Ni**as was in New York wearing camouflage. Master P had ni**as going crazy. Mr. Serv-on, Mystikal, it got down with them ni**as. Shaq was in the video. They talking about P got $400 million. Ni**as is going around buying fake tank chains. All type of sh*t. Master P had that sh*t in a frenzy.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cam revealed why and how his relationship with Ma$e was damaged. Cam admitted it was his misunderstanding of the religious “path” Murda was on that negatively impacted them.

“He went to church. I kinda didn’t understand it at the time because that’s my man all day and I’m like, where church come from?” he explained. “So I started bugging out on him because of that. So, to be honest with you, the whole sh*t was my fault, and just not understanding the kind of path he was on at the time.”

 “So I kinda was going at him on records and sh*t, and he was ignoring me and sh*t, then one day he made ‘The Oracle’ and kinda flushed me one day. I was like, ‘That was pretty tough.’”

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