Cardi B Tosses Microphone At A Fan Who Heaved A Drink At Her During Concert

One of the unthinkable ridiculous trends in the entertainment space is the rampant rate at which die-hard fans toss objects at entertainers on stage during shows.

In recent scenarios, Bebe Rexha was almost knocked out cold by a buff throwing a cell phone at her head in New York, Harry Styles was hit with an unidentified object in Vienna, and Latto responded to a similar projectile in Germany by saying “Want your ass beat?”

Saturday, July 29, in Las Vegas, Cardi B proved yet again that she is not an individual to toy with. During a performance at Drai’s Beachclub, a fan in the crowd threw a drink at the rapper while she performed her 2017 breakthrough tune, “Bodak Yellow.”

A second later Cardi B immediately avenged by tossing her microphone at the offending “fan.”
The video reveals the fan being escorted out by security. After hurling some doubtless colourful words at the offender, Cardi left the stage.

This Trend Not New:

Flashback! In the ‘70s fans often set off firecrackers and M-80s at shows — one seriously injured Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s right hand — and in 2004, the stick of a lollipop some buff threw at David Bowie lodged in his eye, prompting an outraged and profane reaction from the ordinarily cool performer.
(Ever the professional, after a few minutes he said, “Now we’ll have to do an even longer show” and continued playing for another two hours.)

But the craze in recent times seems to be more about fans wanting to call attention to themselves, although to what extent can’t be told.

Nicolas Malvagna, the 27-year-old mature man who threw his phone at Bebe Rexha, ostensibly thought “it would be funny,” according to a criminal complaint that followed his detention on misdemeanour charges of harassment and assault — which is nowhere near sufficient sentence for an individual who does something that dangerously ludicrous.

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