DaBaby Sued For Allegedly Stealing Beat

DaBaby is being sued by a music producer with the stage name JuJu Beatz, who claims DaBaby stole the entire beat for his No. 1 song.

In the lawsuit JuJu claims he sent DaBaby’s camp a musical composition back in 2019, which was then sampled for “Rockstar” without his permission. JuJu claims he sent the beat in a digital file to DaBaby’s team and he says DaBaby’s camp accessed the file more than 40 times between late 2019 and early 2020.

“Rockstar” came out in April 2020. JuJu claims “Rockstar” has earned millions of dollars since it dropped but he says he hasn’t been compensated for his beat, which he says was sampled illegally.

The music producer says he’s tried to resolve the matter without going to court, but DaBaby has been unwilling to “cooperate or accept responsibility for blatant and wilful copyright infringement” so now he’s suing for damages.


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