Damien Marley’s Mom, Cindy Breakspeare, Incites Backlash Over Bob Marley Birthday Tribute

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Cindy Breakspeare—Miss World 1976 and mother to Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley—shared a heartfelt birthday tribute to the late Bob Marley yesterday on what would’ve been his 79th birthday.

Breakspeare, 69, shared details of the places she and the reggae legend created “countless” memories, alongside photos of herself, Marley, and Damian.

“Bob, on what would have been your 79th Birthday, I celebrate the incredible impact you’ve had globally, cherish our amazing son Damian, and reminisce about the beautiful times we shared,” she wrote. “From 56 Hope Road to your mother’s home in Delaware and Miami, New York, Oakley Street in London, The Bahamas, Trinidad, and beyond. The memories are countless, but our love for you is endless. Happy Birthday to the people’s hero, loved and revered by all.”

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Breakspeare was one of many women Marley had an affair with during his marriage to Rita Marley. Their romance lasted six years until his death in 1981 and will be portrayed in the upcoming biopic, Bob Marley: One Love. British actress Umi Myers will play Breakspeare.

However, fans of Marley don’t see this as just another innocent birthday tribute, as many felt it was highly disrespectful. One tweeted, “56 Hope Road was the home of his wife. What a classless woman. Truly sick stomach.” Someone else chimed in, “It’s comforting to know that the way sidechicks act has been the same for generations. Like u being a bird has nothing to do with social media, the time u was born in, etc. It’s just who u r…. Ur exactly like the women before u. That’s kinda beautiful idk.”

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Elsewhere, Breakspeare was defended as someone. who wrote, “For those of you having all these NEGATIVITY towards this post, you really do not know Bob Marley. To be so disrespectful to the youngest veteran’s mother is absurd. Know your history and please leave Miss World alone.”

Comedian Mel Mitchell took a different approach, though, and praised Rita for having her own affair.

“So I knew Bob Marley had 11 kids from 9 women. He had 8 babies on his wife. I was hoping they touched on it in the film cuz I had Google open the whole movie. What I DID NOT know was that his wife Rita had two outside babies on him as well. I know that’s mf right,” she tweeted.

Breakspeare has previously spoken about her relationship with Marley. She told Ron Fanfair in 2019 that their romance was “scary” because “‘uptown’ girls of light complexion didn’t have relationships with Rastas.”

Yet, she knew the relationship would be life-changing. “I knew I was crossing that invisible line in the sand […] Bob was a man on a mission who knew what he was about. He was very purpose-driven, inspirational and influential all rolled into one. I knew that if I became involved with Bob, it would change my life forever.” They welcomed their son in 1978.

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