Diddy Reassigns Bad Boy Artists Publishing Rights To Their Records

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Music and showbiz magnate Sean “Diddy” Combs has decided to reassign the Bad Boy Record label’s publishing rights to the artists and songwriters who assisted in making the company the top class it is today.

Since its birth, the music space has always had a certain way of doing things concerning making its revenue. As many know, record corporations usually keep the publishing rights of songs made by artists signed to them.

However, even though this has been a familiar ritual, it’s been denounced over the years because of the inequality it can potentially create as the record labels reap the huge monetary benefits from artists’ hard work.

When Combs established Bad Boy Records in 1993, he pursued this same configuration. But, as time passed, so did his viewpoint on the issue. When he signed The Notorious B.I.G., the now-magnate paid the star out of his own pockets because of how much he was convinced in him and also paid Biggie a percentage of his publishing rights. 

Now, Puffy is taking things a significant step onward. Corporations have reached out to the Bad Boy founder, offering him 100s of millions of dollars, to buy Bad Boy Records’ publishing. However, instead of taking these bids, he’s decided to reassign them to their respective musician. Bad Boy stars such as Faith Evans, Ma$e, The LOX, 112, as well as Biggie’s estate, and more are among the artists and writers who now own their publishing from the label. 

Combs wishes that his remarkable step will motivate the music establishment to emulate the same gesture as he proceeds to be disruptive and change the status quo. He wants to see more creators thrive and profit as much as possible from their work, optimistically sparking a new way the biz compensates future ones.

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