Elliott Wilson Renders Apology To Drake After Calling Out His Comedic Interviews

Elliott Wilson has had a change of mind about rapper Drake and his comedic interviews. The 52-year-old newsperson indicated that he apologized to the Toronto notable artist and clarified his reasoning for doing so following their back-and-forth.

“People clown people in Hip-Hop if they apologize,” Wilson told DJ Akademiks during his Sunday (Aug. 13) appearance on Off The Record. “I apologized to Drake because we have a great rapport. He’s been respectful. He’s given me more interviews than anybody. I’ve had six interviews with him.”

“Drake and I built something to the point where I should’ve at least let him know my feelings before I aired it out to the public,” he proceeded, admitting the mistake of his ways. “I should’ve owed him that respect. I would’ve done it with [JAY-Z], and I owe him that. That’s why I was wrong.”

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