GBC Workers Issue 1 Week Injunction Over Revoked Allowances

Irate staff of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) have conveyed a one-week ultimatum to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) to abolish its conclusion to deduct “unearned allowances” from their compensations.

According to the employees, they will be compelled to undertake an indefinite strike action if the allowances are not resuscitated within the next week.

Addressing the media on Friday, June 2, Sam Nat Kevor, the Divisional Union Chairman of GBC, uttered that employees will put on red armbands and attire to work from next week as an indication of demonstration unless their demands are met.

On Friday, May 23, some workers of GBC threatened to go on strike coming after the pullback of their allowances.

The affected allowances include rent, housing, utility, vehicle maintenance and transportation, among others.

This decision has since been met with displeasure from the staff, who say inflation keeps rising therefore the withdrawal of such allowances will worsen the cost of living.

However, FWSC Boss, Ben Arthur insists the initiative forms part of its nationwide payroll monitoring exercise with Internal Audit Agency.

He expatiated that as part of the payroll monitoring exercise, it had been found out that some workers of GBC are presently taking satisfaction in allowances that they are not entitled to.

Mr Arthur uttered the commission exists to assure better working conditions for employees and will not compromise.

He put in that a cleaner on the GBC payroll is made restitution with a domestic staff allowance, an aberration that should be rectified.

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