Hajia4Reall Romance Scam Case: Socialite-Songster Denied Bail

Charming Ghanaian socialite and singer, Mona Faiz Montrage, known in the showbiz spectrum as Hajia4Reall or better still Mona4Reall who is presently encountering a sequence of charges in the United States has been denied bail aborting her intentions to return to Ghana by July impossible.

Fresh news fetched by KOFI TV host, Kofi Adoma disclosed that Hajia4Reall did not meet the conditions for her bail plea according to the US Department of Justice.

This outcome arrives as a big ‘jab’ to her plans to return to Ghana with her daughter, as she had requested the court to soften her bail requirements and permit her to move around certain locales while under house arrest.

However, perusing court documents submitted by United States Attorney Damian Williams of the Southern District of New York, Hajia4Reall is indicted of being involved in a $2 million romance scam, wire fraud, money laundering, and receipt of stolen money.

“Looking at her $2m romance scam, Hajia4Reall could be jailed for a period of four to seven years if the court were to make a decision based on the pieces of evidence gathered,” Damian Williams, further mentioned.

Just some days back before this unfortunate development, Hajia4Reall took to Instagram Live to update her fans and proponents about her situation, communicating her wish to return to Ghana soon.

The current news concerning her legal situation has cast a dark shade over her intentions.

The court documents released on May 15 in New York documented the charges against Hajia4Reall, including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, money laundering conspiracy, money laundering, conspiracy to receive stolen money, and receipt of stolen money.

Each count holds considerable potential prison time if she is found guilty.

As the legal proceedings persist, all gazes will be on the chateau as the proof is submitted and the fact behind the allegations against Mona4Reall is disclosed.

In the meantime, followers and groupies of Mona4Reall will have to remain calm for additional updates on her legal proceedings and optimistic for a fair and just verdict in these tough circumstances.

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