‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’: Iyanya Cheated On Me With Tonto Dikeh

On a memory lane, we recall in 2012, both the Ghanaian and Nigerian recreation spaces were trembled by reports that the very famous relationship between actress Yvonne Nelson and musician Iyanya had hit a rock.

Fast forward, 10 years after sundering, the Ghanaian actress has disclosed that the vocalist was unfaithful adding he cheated with another actress. According to the ‘DumSor’ demo convenor, she cried for about two months after they quit.

Diving deep into the love affair, the Ghanaian movie star in her new memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ pointed out that at the time of the romance, she felt confident that Iyanya was the one she would be with forever.

“We had a decent relationship-breakfast in bed and all the niceties of a dream relationship one could think of. He tattooed my initials, YN, on his wrist, and I thought that was a big deal. If he wasn’t serious about me, he wouldn’t do that. In his hit song, “Ur Waist”, he mentioned how he lusted over me,” she penned.

Yvonne Nelson was shocked when somebody through a voice call told her that Iyanya had another actress over at his residence anytime she travelled from Nigeria to Ghana, she revealed.

“That actress turned out to be Tonto Dikeh of Nigeria, one of the female celebrities Iyanya named in his “Ur Waist” song. When I was convinced about the authenticity of the information I received, I was heartbroken,” sections of the book read.

“I took to Twitter to rant and vent. Tonto Dikeh responded on Twitter, saying people changed and so did feelings, so I should move on.  I later heard more stories about what Iyanya did with some of his female crew members.”

‘Fifty Fifty’ movie producer added that despite the evidence presented to her which indicated that “it was a pattern, his way of life,” accepting her loss and moving on was emotionally and psychologically tasking.

It did not help that their relationship and break-up had become a thing of public interest, where people proffered unsolicited opinions on the relationship, making the task of moving on that much harder, the actress stated.

“It is often easy to convince the mind, but the heart lacks understanding. The heart would often want to be left alone to do things its own way. That was my ordeal during the break-up with Iyanya. For two months, I cried inconsolably. A friend of mine got irritated at a point. She didn’t understand why a “whole” me would brood so long over a man who had betrayed my love,” she authored.

Reacting to her claims, Iyanya via his verified Twitter account wrote, “So Yvonne Nelson said I cheated on her with Tonto Dike? Oh wow. I’ll respond to this later. I no go write book, but…. For now, make I go watch my new video Director just send me now. Love & Trust Ft Joeboy.”

Meanwhile, the memoir is currently peaked at number three on Amazon.

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