“I Don’t Think Orlando Anderson Had Anything To Do With The Death Of My Son,” – 2Pac’s Father

Billy Garland, the biological father of late Hip-Hop icon 2Pac, acquiesces with the long-running suppositions about the U.S. government being involved in his son’s demise. He uttered how the situation unfurled in a recent interview.

Mister Garland appeared on The Art Of Dialogue and uttered on the night of Pac’s demise in a clip posted on Sunday (June 11.) He thinks his son should not have fought Orlando Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas after Mike Tyson and Bruce Seldon’s boxing match.

“‘Pac just got hyper and he thought he had to lead,” Garland said. “If you notice in the video, everybody was following him around. He’s the money-maker. Death Row was the $100 million thing, but everybody’s following 2Pac. Everything he did, everybody attached themselves to him, and he felt obligated to prove that ‘I’m gonna be your leader.’”

Billy Garland proceeded and mentioned, how Anderson’s uncle Duane “Keefe D” Davis confessed to the U.S. government that he was there when Orlando Anderson shot and killed 2Pac. This is when Garland intimated that Keefe and the government had agreed to a deal prior. “The government gave him the deal. [2Pac] was being tailed by the government on the night of his assassination. He was being tailed by the government while in the studio — that’s a known fact,” Garland emphasized.

“So I don’t know this guy Keefe, I don’t know. Maybe he had to say that to get out of some issue, I don’t know. I just know it looked like a set-up to me,” he stated. “Somebody told this guy to stand there with the Death Row thing and it pursued to what we had, but I don’t think [Orlando Anderson] had anything to do with the death of my son…not at all.”

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