I Intended To Sue – KiDi Speaking On ‘Stroke-Ill-Health’ Fake News

One-time VGMA Artist of the Year, KiDi has disclosed that he was enticed to sue bloggers and writers who published sham news about him claiming he suffered from a stroke when he was battling ill health.

Uttering on Multimedia’s Hit FM’s Daybreak Hitz, he remarked that dealing with the rumours was an uneasy experience for him, his family, his pals and the brands he works with.

The vocalist commented that when the rumour broke, he took to social media only to find out it had been circulating everywhere.

He implied that he received too many calls including one from his mum whom he had had a conversation with earlier and had to calm her and all others who had called concerned about him.

“When it happed I called Richie 9CEO of Lynx Entertainment) and asked ‘how many times or for how long will these things happen and we will say it’s nothing? How long will we have to keep doing this? People are taking advantage obviously as you can see. There needs to be some course of action,” KiDi spoke out.

The ‘Cheese’ hitmaker pointed out that after having some chats on the way forward, he decided to abstain from the legal action and not feed too much into the unfavourable news.

This arrives on the back that KiDi in February, put an end to his North American tour which was anticipated to be held in March 2023.

Declaring openly to his fanatics why the tour was rescinded, KiDi stated that the decision was unavoidable due to some health issues – but he did not detail it.

This led to assumptions about his health with some sections of the public spreading rumours that he was suffering from a stroke.

Lynx Entertainment’s Richie Mensah laid off the rumours, calling the assertions clickbait.

KiDi came back to social media in April, released a new single titled ‘I Lied’ soon after and made his first public appearance at the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

In a previous interview on Lynx TV, KiDi called that time “one of the toughest moments” in his life expressing that he never in a million years guessed an individual would “cook up” such a news with no evidence whatsoever.

He put in words that whoever broke the gossip had no right to put out a forgery tale particularly when he, KiDi, had not chatted about the peculiarities of his health condition in his press statement.

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