I Loved & Invested In My Spouse But She Didn’t Reciprocate The Love – Emeka Ike

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

One of Nigeria’s famous screen-god, Emeka Ike has made shocking disclosure that throughout his years of union with divorced spouse, he invested massively in her with the intention to make her a better soul mate.

However, such investments and attempts were never returned in any way.

The ‘Touching Love’ movie-star, who has opened his one-time love canned worms detailed how he had to suffer to move heaven and hell to ensure that his marriage worked, but up to no avail his gestures were not appreciated by his former spouse.

Quoting his exact submissions in a recent interview, “I was investing in someone who wasn’t investing in me. So you just keep loving, but you don’t know if you’re loved in return. That’s the mistake we make as young people. It’s about getting the girl, but you’ve not thought about your security. Does she like you? So no apologies; she’s hiding and running around,” he let out.

The actor, who has been off screens for sometime, revealed his bizarre ordeal in an interview via a Nigeria-based media outfit, Channels Television’s ‘Rubbin’ Minds’, hosted by Hero Daniels.

He disclosed the excrutiating emotional bruises narrative of his divorce from Suzanne Emma.

The divorce of their 14-year-old nuptial by a Lagos Island Customary Court in 2017 was characterized by Emma’s accusations of perennial battery against the actor.

Ike submitted that the followed-up online trolling and social media scrutiny eschewed him from publicly speaking to the allegations, eventually resulting in enormous financial losses.

The actor, physically affected by the split, shared the staggering impact on his life, including the shutting of his secondary school, St. Nicholas College, and the closing of a significant investment amounting to over N480 million.

Ike’s chilling lovelife ordeal revealed the pleas from family relatives, who knelt before the court in a desperate endeavour to salvage the union.

After all countless attempts, Emma still settled on divorce, leaving Ike puzzled and querying the motive behind her decision.

The actor proceeded and pointed out at a possible external influence, suggesting that his ex-partner might have been forced or brain washed into the divorce by unknown persons.

The jaw-dropping interview threw more light on different challenges, emotional adverse effect, and difficulties engulfing Emeka Ike’s trip through this turbulent time of his private life.

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