Ice Cube Reveals He Was Snubbed By Oprah & ‘The View’: I Don’t Follow Their Brand Of Politics

Ice Cube claims he was brushed off by Oprah Winfrey and The View, as the media mogul and the daytime talk series both declined his requests to appear on their respective TV shows.

During the magnate’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show, he recollected his failed endeavours to be booked as a guest on both programs, attributing his exclusion to his polarizing perspective on different political issues.

“I tried to go on The View. They didn’t have me on The View,” Cube told the former FOX pundit. “A few of the hosts just really didn’t like where I was coming from. That’s what I was told by the producers. I don’t know if it was the producers who were just copping out and using some of the hosts to have me not explain myself. I’ve been on there before. It’s just that I’ve become an independent thinker. I don’t follow their brand of politics I guess.”

The 54-year-old Ride Along actor also named Winfrey as a figure who’s been less than welcoming of him throughout his career, remarking past instances in which he felt ignored by the billionaire. “I’ve been excluded on Oprah,” he said, adding that he’s unsure of the cause of Winfrey’s perceived aversion to having him on her platform.

“I don’t know that it is. You know, I had a movie called Barbershop that I wasn’t invited to participate with the cast [on Oprah’s show]. I produced a show called Black White. It was a very controversial show and once again [Oprah] had the whole cast on and I wasn’t invited. So I don’t know what that’s really about. I really don’t know [why]. That’s something that I would love to find out.”

Ice Cube’s chat with Carlson has led to the rapper receiving backlash from those criticizing his move as being off-brand, given his history of decrying conservatism and left-wing politics during his rap career. The former N.W.A. member has been increasingly vocal in airing his gripes with various figures in media, sports and entertainment, including NBA commissioner Adam Silver, former Westside Connection groupmate Mack 10 and more.

Watch Ice Cube’s interview with Tucker Carlson below.

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