Jamie Foxx Hospitalized For Days Due To Medical Complications

Hollywood actor and singer, Jamie Foxx is hospitalized in Georgia, Atlanta almost a week after his daughter disclosed the entertainer experienced a “medical complication,” a source with knowledge of the matter told our news source on Monday, April 17.

His daughter Corinne Foxx shared on Instagram last week that her father had experienced a health-related incident last Tuesday, though she did not stipulate what happened. She added in her post that due to “quick action and great care,” her father is “on his way to recovery.”

However, American cable news channel CNN reported Friday that Foxx was hospitalized and undergoing medical tests.

Foxx has been in Atlanta filming the Netflix movie “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz. The source previously indicated that the medical incident did not occur on set and Foxx was not transported by emergency car to the hospital.

A separate source close to production on the film told CNN on Friday that filming is “currently underway” and is anticipated to finish this week.

This source did not detailed whether Foxx still has scenes to film or whether he would be back on set.

We wish Foxx a speedy recovery.

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