Jay-Z Lyrics Are Being Sprawled Across The Brooklyn Public Library, But Why?

Earlier this week, the Brooklyn Public Library’s central branch got a temporary facelift. The exterior of the library is now covered in Jay-Z lyrics from various hits in his expansive discography, including “Hard Knock Life,” “Encore,” “Justify My Thug,” “Smile,” and more.

Hell Gate reported that the flagship location would be closed to the public on Thursday (July 13) as construction workers continued the transformation “in preparation for a special event.” Said event is rumored to be an exhibit dedicated to Hov.

The exhibit will reportedly feature a replica of Baseline Studios, but overall, those in charge are remaining tight-lipped about full details.

Just last month, Brooklyn Public Library hosted a celebration titled Night in the Library: The Philosophy of Hip-Hop, where the Decoded rapper’s mother, Dr. Gloria Carter, appeared as a guest speaker. “He was a very special child,” the newlywed reflected of her son to Angie Martinez, who was moderating the discussion.

“He was that kid that was like, ‘Yo, ma. The sun is shining and I want to go outside.’ I’ll be like, ‘Baby, it’s cold out.’ He’d be like, ‘The sun is shining.’ I’d be like, ‘OK, I’m a let you go outside.’ Open the door, put him outside, and I’m looking out the door, and a couple minutes, he’s ringing the bell [shivering]. So I was like, ‘What happened?’ He was like, ‘It’s cold outside.’ That’s how a lesson is learned.”

There’s no word if the display also represents new music coming from Hov soon, but Brooklyn Public Library will make a formal announcement on Friday (July 14).


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