Joy FM’s 90s Jam Returns: A Nostalgic Extravaganza Set To Ignite Accra’s Music Scene Jan. 5

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

After a two-year hiatus, Joy FM’s 90s Jam is set to make a triumphant comeback on January 5, 2024. Music enthusiasts and nostalgia seekers are in for a treat as this iconic event returns to the City Galleria, adjacent to the Accra Mall.

Lovers of 90s music can anticipate a thrilling journey through the decade, with an eclectic mix of songs spanning various genres. From Ghana’s burger highlife to the infectious beats of hiplife, interwoven with hip hop, pop, and funk, the 90s Jam promises a night of unparalleled musical bliss.

Kwadwo Ampofo, popularly known as “DJ Black” and the Music Programmes Manager of Multimedia, encourages patrons to prepare for a trip down memory lane, reliving the fashion and lifestyle of the vibrant 90s era.
The event aims to create an unforgettable experience, transporting attendees to a time when the music was as diverse as the dance moves that accompanied it.

The 90s Jam will not only be a celebration of musical excellence but also a visual spectacle, showcasing the iconic fashion trends and cultural nuances that defined the 90s. Attendees can expect a lively atmosphere as they groove to the sounds of the past, surrounded by the vibrant energy of fellow music enthusiasts.

The event will feature a lineup of favorite DJs and MCs from The Multimedia Group, ensuring that the party is set ablaze with an unparalleled selection of tunes. Whether you’re a fan of classic highlife, hiplife anthems, or the infectious beats of hip hop, the 90s Jam has something for everyone.

Tickets for this musical extravaganza are available for purchase at the front desk of Joy FM. Regular tickets are priced at 150 cedis, while VIP tickets can be acquired for 200 cedis. For convenient booking, patrons can dial 714003# and follow the prompts. Those looking to secure their spot or make reservations can call 0540106466.

Get ready to dance, reminisce, and celebrate the timeless melodies of the 90s at Joy FM’s 90s Jam—an event that promises to be a highlight on Accra’s music calendar in 2024.

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