Kanye West’s Butt Exposed While On Venice Riverboat With Wife, Social Media Reacts

Kanye West’s butt cheeks were exposed during a recent boat ride with his wife, Bianca Censori. The Chicago artist was on a trip visiting Venice, Italy, when the butt slip happened. Ye and Censori could be seen cuddling on a boat in multiple pictures, with Kanye looking directly at the paparazzi in some of the photos. In other shots, the producer appeared uninterested in fixing his trousers. Onlookers recognized the pair and began recording the couple’s day in the Italian city.

The footage went viral on X/Twitter, with some people speculating that the outspoken figure was engaging in sexual activity with his wife. “Girl, I know damn well that Kanye West did not just get a blowjob out in public in Venice,” one person xweeted. “Well, Kanye’s [wife] is either sitting at his feet because she gets motion sickness or she’s making sure he enjoys his boat ride,” someone else quipped. 

Other social media users called him a hypocrite for saying the industry perpetuates sexual deviancy while he is seemingly engaging in sexual acts in public.

“Yo, this is [f**king] disgusting, and Kanye West has KIDS who have ACCESS TO SOCIAL MEDIA. He wants to blame the industry for [over-sexualizing] children while he’s publicly fornicating in front of Paparazzi. He is the problem he pretends to hate.”

During the eventful day, West wore a baggy Black ensemble with a Black snood, his Black sock-shoes, and a bag across his chest. Bianca could be seen in an oversized grey leather trench coat with matching heels. The couple had to be hot, considering the weather in Venice this week has ranged from 79-86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

On Sunday (Aug. 27), Kanye West was also snapped strolling through Venice barefooted and rocking another baggy all-black outfit. 

Ye quietly tied the knot with Yeezy architectural designer Bianca Censori in January 2023, but the two have known each other for years before deciding to wed. The pair held a private wedding ceremony to commemorate their love. According to Cosmopolitan, the model is currently Yeezy’s Head of Architecture and has an MA in Architecture from Australia’s Melbourne University.


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