Keke Palmer Co-Signs Taraji P. Henson’s Remarks On Underpayment, Applies It To All Industries

Keke Palmer is not only co-signing Taraji P. Henson‘s recent comments on being underpaid in Hollywood, but acknowledging that it applies to most workers, across the board.

The multi-hyphenate took to Instagram Wednesday (Dec. 20) with a repost from Robin Thede, who first shared her support for Henson with an acknowledgment of her own. Palmer then offered her take, that anyone wanting consistent and adequate compensation will likely have to work multiple gigs.

“The entertainment industry is just like any other industry. We run businesses to keep our brands afloat, us being the brand/business. And it’s that team of company members that decrease any assumed large lump sum. This includes monthly expenses just like everyone else. In the words of biggie ‘more money more problems,’” she wrote.

“To make money you must spend money so what seems like a lot is taken by a lot,” she went on. “There is still privilege in this depending what vantage point you are seeing from, but in our industry amongst one another this is neutralized. This is why no one can really have one job anymore! People working outside of the entertainment industry may do Uber eats, postmates, accountant part time, substitute teacher every other week etc.”

She then explained that entertainers with several hustles are usually in the same boat.

PASSWORD — “Meghan Trainor (Holiday Episode)” — Pictured: (l-r) Keke Palmer and Meghan Trainor — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

“For an entertainment career you may be like me, an actor, influencer, host, speaker etc. I keep a job because I HAVE to haha. We ALL work multiple jobs and we may like some but also because we HAVE to. To be successful and live in America it’s literally this way because of the cash to expense ratio and this is why entrepreneurship is so important but that in itself is expensive!” 

She went on to state that having one job just doesn’t cut it for most, “no matter what industry unless you are like the top top top TOP earner and I mean that’s like Bill Gates.”

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Henson spoke with Gayle King this week about potentially retiring from Hollywood due to unfair compensation, a conversation that led the Washington D.C. native to shed a few tears.

 “I hear people go, ‘You work a lot.’ Well, I have to. The math ain’t math-ing. When you start working a lot, you have a team. Big bills come with what we do. We don’t do this alone. It’s a whole team behind us. They have to get paid.

“I’m only human,” she went on. “Every time I do something and break another glass ceiling, when it’s time to renegotiate, I’m at the bottom again like I never did what I just did and I’m tired. I’m tired.”


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