Lil Wayne Says Kevin Durant Was Originally Featured On ‘Welcome 2 Collegrove’ Album

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

NBA Star, Kevin Durant may have a viable Hip-Hop pivot once he’s done playing basketball. 

Lil Wayne disclosed the two-time national champion was originally featured on the Welcome 2 Collegrove collaborative project with 2 Chainz.

According to the New Orleans rapper, the professional athlete has rap skills.

After Rooks introduced the topic, Lil Wayne confirmed the existence of the song and Durant after interacting with Taylor Rooks.

“He said he had a question,” explained the journalist, referring to Durant who she had previously spoken with. “Are you going to drop a snippet of you all’s song on the radio show?”

“Why would KD do that,” laughed Lil Wayne. “Because…that was on the wrap. That was on the low.”

The rapper who reached the top of the charts elaborated on the creation of the unnamed song.

“KD You’ve messed up, now that you’ve done that. I just want you to know you messed up. That song was being considered to be on Carter VI and now since you’re saying something, it’s not going on [the] Carter VI. No, I’m not playing the snippet.”

He carried on laughing, “It was actually supposed to go on the Collegrove album with me and 2 Chainz that just came out, but I saved it. I wanted it for something else.”

Describing the rhyme skills of the Phoenix Suns player, Weezy shared, “KD’s a jewel. He’s a backpack rapper. I can imagine he probably could call a timeout in a game, and probably ask him to rap and he probably got a verse for you.” 

In November 2023, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz released Welcome 2 Collegrove, a release that had been years in the making. The album’s 21 tracks have Usher, 21 Savage, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Benny The Butcher, Vory, and Marsha Ambrosius as its vocalists, and 50 Cent has narrated it.

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