M.anifest Talks Leaving Legacy For Rookies

Undoubtedly, the god emcee has affirmed himself lyrically as one of the forces to reckon with when it comes to Ghanaian Hip-Hop/Rap space.

M.anifest’s distinctive rhyming dexterity and versatility which has gained him duets with top-notch artists such as Burna Boy, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Tiggs Da Author, Erykah Badu, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Tony Alle and hosts of awards, he continues to thrive in the industry.

While juggling the need of maintaining his art mint and remaining pertinent in the entertainment enterprise, M.anifest is also working hard to leave a lasting legacy for up-and-coming acts who lack the resources to flourish.

Granting an interview to Accra-based media outfit, Daily Graphic, the ‘no shortcut to Heaven’ hit maker mentioned that building avenues that would assist young, brilliant but needy talents break through to the limelight is a part of the legacy he wishes to leave for future generations.

  • Lingering Legacy

M.anifest thinks that it is generally tough for upcoming artists to thrive, despite their talents, because there are no conventional tools and structures in the country that facilitate up-and-coming creatives.

 “In Ghana, it is very difficult for some of the most visionary artists to find space to succeed, especially in the music space. So, for me, I think part of my legacy will, hopefully, be building vehicles for these acts to push through, as well as providing infrastructure to help a lot of the promising talents we have in our space.

When I think of the legacy I want to leave, I think about being transformational, trying to empower those who take alternative routes and those who do not only think of just entertainment but those with purpose and vision. I want to represent those people,” the No Fear rapper said.

According to ‘Em digidi’, in addition to becoming a dominant influence in the music space, he also wants to add his name to the tall list of pioneers who placed equal priority on their craft’s cultural and social effects, as well as its entertainment significance.

“I want to break more barriers, create more opportunities and be a person who represents not just singing and dancing, but someone who touches other areas of our society.

I want to be part of people who think beyond just their craft and identify what they can do in their space to make a great deal of impact in their society; that is the kind of person I want to be. Every time you mention names like Fella Kuti, Bob Marley etc., it is because beyond the music, they have such a cultural impact, and I have a soft spot for people who tread such paths,” he counted.

Touching on his unique fashion sense, M.anifest told the Daily Graphic that while his fashion sense may not be in cord with what other populace do, it is his means of expressing what he believes in. He clarified the reasoning for his sense of style and his craving for clothing with chiefly African motifs.

“What informs my sense of fashion is innovation. I think innovation is a big part of me. If people are going right, I go left. I am always excited about unique things. I dress and look like my music and it is that unique.”

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