Ma$e Leaves Cam’ron Speechless After Gifting Him $1K For Each Year They Weren’t Friends

Ma$e left Cam’ron speechless this week after he gave the “Down and Out” MC $1,000 for each year that they weren’t friends.

On an episode of It What It Isthat aired on Monday (February 5), Killa Cam’s co-host gave him a lavish gift for his 48th birthday, which took place over the weekend.

After Cam’ron said that being on the show was a celebration, Ma$e proceed to pull $20,000 out of his pocket and hand it to Cam, saying: “For the 20 years I ain’t seen you.”

The two rappers then embraced each other in a heartfelt moment. Check out the clip below.

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The longtime rivals patched things up back in 2022, ending a long-standing feud that dated as far back as the late 1990s. The two Harlem rappers were once brothers in arms, taking the rap world by storm as both solo artists and teammates in the group Children Of The Corn, which also included Big L, Herb McGruff and Bloodshed.

After Ma$e decided to retire from rap and move to Atlanta to become a pastor, however, things got heated between them and a feud soon ensued that lasted for almost two decades.

While sitting down with Million Dollaz Worth of Game back two years ago, Ma$e told hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallo that he regretted the beef with Killa and admitted that the dispute soiled a relationship he never wanted to ruin.

The Dipset leader also took responsibility for their frayed relationship last year on an episode of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All the Smoke podcast. Discussing his history with Murda, Cam admitted their issues were his fault as he elaborated on how they got back to being on good terms.

“Ma$e gave me an opportunity to get my first record deal,” he began. “He did a video for me – my first video ‘357,’ which was dope. And then I had another single with him, ‘Horse & Carriage,’ and he didn’t do that video so my label started gassing me like, ‘Yo why your man ain’t doing the video? He want $50,000 to do the video.’

“So I started feeding into that shit. I’m like, ‘Word, this n-gga acting funny charging me for the video?’ So we kind of fell out over that, got cool again. Then you know, he went to church. I kinda didn’t understand it at the time because that’s my man all day and I’m like, where church come from?”

Now, the dynamic duo is dominating the media landscape. Cam and Ma$e were featured on a 2023 list by Complex of the top sports media personalitiesThanks to the success of It Is What It Is, the duo was ranked  No. 6.


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