Mantse Surfaces Up Amid Obrafour-Drizzy Lawsuit, Claims Ownership Of Sampled ‘Killer Cut Blood

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Chalewote Festival, Nii Manste Aryeequaye, has claimed ownership of the ‘Killer Cut’ vocals, which were employed on legendary Ghanaian rapper Obrafour’s music the ‘Oye Ohene’ remix.

Obrafour affectionately known as the Hiplife Executioner is currently suing Canadian rapper Drake for allegedly sampling a portion of his tune ‘Oye Ohene’ remix for his “Calling My Name” song after Drake’s request to use the work was rejected. Drizzy used the vocals in an intermission midway through his tune off his Honestly Nevermind album.

The Rap Sofour is seeking at least $10 million in damages. 

However, Nii Manste has contended that Obrafour erred in filing the lawsuit on his intellectual property without informing him.

According to the mouthpiece of the Last Two Music Group, Drake’s right to the “Killer Cut” vocals was “never relinquished to Obrafour and was used by the Producer of the album, Hammer of The Last 2 on Obrafour’s song as he did with others.” 

Nii Mantse affectionately called The Signature, who hosted legendary beats producer Hammer’s productions and introduced new music and acts signed to the Last Two Music Group into the entertainment space, made the allegations via tweets.

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