McDan’s Magnanimity: Dr. Daniel McKorley Extols Stonebwoy’s Global Star Power

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Dr. Daniel McKorley,Ghanaian business magnate in Ghana, publicly expressed his praise for Stonebwoy’s talents and showmanship following the spectacular Bhim Concert 2023 at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, December 22. The McDan Group CEO took to social media to utter his admiration for the Afro-Dancehall sensation, declaring his readiness to support Stonebwoy’s journey to conquer the global stage.

Dr. McKorley, known for his astute business acumen and philanthropic endeavors, wrote a heartfelt message directed at Stonebwoy:

“After what you did at the Accra Sports Stadium last night, I can say without reservation that you’re a global superstar, Stonebwoy. You had to entertain over 35,000 music lovers in a packed, sold-out concert and you excelled with your flawless stage craft, powerful voice, command of the stage, and your connection to the audience.”

The McDan Group CEO commended Stonebwoy’s exceptional performance, acknowledging the artist’s ability to go the extra mile in delivering an unforgettable experience. Dr. McKorley expressed anticipation for the positive impact of Stonebwoy’s music and the underlying messages on a global scale.

In a moment of profound generosity, Dr. Daniel McKorley concluded his message by extending unwavering support to Stonebwoy: “Whatever support you need from me to take on the world, I’m ready to give it all to you 🦅.”

This public declaration of support from a prominent figure like Dr. McKorley reflects not only Stonebwoy’s rising stature as a global entertainer but also the recognition of the positive influence music can wield on a broader stage. As Stonebwoy continues to ascend in the music industry, the endorsement and support from Dr. McKorley serve as a testament to the potential impact of the artist’s craft beyond borders.

The Bhim Concert 2023 not only marked a milestone in Stonebwoy’s career but also set the stage for collaboration and partnerships that could propel the artist to even greater heights on the global entertainment scene. With the backing of business moguls like Dr. Daniel McKorley, the journey ahead for Stonebwoy promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. 🌟✨

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