Meek Mill Roasted For Asking How Fans In Africa Manage To Play His Music

Meek Mill has been the target of many a Twitter roast through the years, but African Twitter’s recent merciless teasing of the MMG rapper has left Hip Hop fans in stitches.

On Saturday (January 20), Meek took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask what he thought was an innocent enough question. “Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa I remember having on big show their [sic] few years back … how do yall listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?” he asked.

The responses were swift and brutal. “Well, it depends on the season. In summer we hear it through the trunk of an elephant. In spring the giraffes catch signal and play it out loud. You get me?” wrote one commenter.

“Normally we use rocks but on a good day we use trees or we get one person to sing for the whole village,” wrote another user.

“On a good day we climb the mountain to listen to the forest play your music. On days when it’s rainy, we go down the nearest river and a mermaid comes out to sing your songs. We have only one computer here in my village, so it was my turn to tweet. [praying hands emoji] will hear from me next year,” read a more elaborate reply.

Check out Meek’s original post, along with other hilarious comments, below.

While most of Meek Mill’s social media mishaps tend to be pretty harmless, he recently found himself trending for a much more serious reason.

Earlier this month, his former friend Dean took to social media exposing Meek with claims that he spit on Nicki Minaj and kicked her out of his house during their turbulent two-year relationship that ended in 2016.

“That n-gga [Meek] put [Nicki] out in the woods. We out in Jersey somewhere in the woods,” he claimed. “N-gga put her out the house and shit and I had to go get her. She cried right here. Am I lying, Nicki? Ask Meek’s sister.”

He added: “This fucking dude get to arguing with this girl in this store because she told that n-gga, ‘I ain’t fucking paying your fucking tab. Go get your money out the fucking hotel.’ He said. ‘I just got $2,000 on me like I can’t borrow $6,000?’

“This arguing real bad and get to calling each other all kinds of crazy names. This corny dude start spitting on her… I told him right then and there, ‘You lost your fucking mind.’”

Dean went on to allege that Meek’s infamous 2015 feud with Drake was ultimately over Nicki Minaj.

Neither Meek nor Nicki responded to the man’s comments. However, four years after the “it couple” broke up in 2016, they both threw their own salacious accusations at each other.


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