Mr Logic Rebukes Sarkodie For Slamming Yvonne

Outspoken showbiz pundit/Presenter, Mr Logic has also expressed his opinion on Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie’s reaction to movie star Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.’

Granting an interview to host Caleb Nii Boye on Accra-based 3FM’s Showbiz 927 programme, Mr Logic worded that Sarkodie, as a notable figure in showbiz, should have taken a more cadenced approach in dealing with the issue.

The CEO of the Ghana Songwriters Association commenced his critique by drawing a similarity between a court of law and Sarkodie’s position, indicating that when faced with concrete evidence, justifications often lose their validity.

“If in a court of law, we have physical evidence that you murdered someone, your explanation won’t make any sense because you’ve actually killed the person. Maybe your attorneys can do one or two defences on your behalf,” he clarified.

According to Mr Logic, the inappropriateness of Sarkodie’s reaction lies in the fact that he brought up Yvonne Nelson’s relationships with other men instead of concentrating on the specific matter at hand.

“It’s inappropriate because Sark actually slept with Yvonne Nelson, if he didn’t then he can explain his side of the story but rapping about how many people Yvonne Nelson slept with and how she used to give it to other persons, it’s not necessary because we are talking about you and not the person she slept with,” he emphasized.

Mr Logic continued and asserted that Sarkodie’s level and stature make him too substantial to react in such a way.

“The song is inappropriate, he’s too big to respond to Yvonne this way and no one can defend this. Anybody who says it was okay for him to do a diss song for Yvonne doesn’t understand how this space works,” he ended.

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