MUSIGA Polls Aftermath: Ras Caleb Curses Delegates Who Took Bribe & Refused To Vote For Him

Famous Reggae musician, Ras Caleb failed the attempt to come to be the President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

He was triumphed over by legendary highlife musician, Bessa Simons.

Bessa bested the MUSIGA national polls which came off on October 10, 2023, across the various regions of the country with 324 votes while Ras Caleb canvassed 66 votes. 

The ambitious musician “cursed” those who took cash from him with the commitment of voting for him as the next MUSIGA President but fell flat to honour it.

According to Ras Caleb, he journeyed all the regions of Ghana and had firsthand information on how the affairs of the union were badly administered.

He implied that the members had ensured him of their support as the next president to make situations better for the union.  

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