Nigerians Lead The Way In Music Production – M3nsa

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Ghanaian versatile artist, M3nsa, in a candid acknowledgement has expressed his belief that Nigerian musicians currently produce superior music compared to their Ghanaian counterparts. The songwriter and producer attribute this disparity to the substantial investments of time and money in the Nigerian music industry, leading to international acclaim and recognition.

M3nsa, whose real name is Mensa Ansah, made this admission in an interview with JoyNews, sparking discussions about the dynamics of the music industry in both countries. His remarks coincide with ongoing efforts in Ghana to promote local content, with some stakeholders advocating for a minimum of 70% airplay dedicated to Ghanaian music on media platforms and at events.

“Definitely Nigerians are making better music than Ghanaians. I have to say this. They are definitely making better quality music because they are investing more money and more time,” M3nsa asserted on January 1, 2024.

The artist highlighted the entrepreneurial approach of Nigerian musicians, emphasizing that they understand the importance of arts not only artistically but also in a business sense. He pointed out that this investment mindset contributes to creating world-class music that resonates globally.

M3nsa delved into the roots of the increasing preference for foreign arts and culture among Ghanaians. He expressed concern that while there are a few artists in Ghana taking their productions more seriously, the overall attitude towards music production seems to lack the same fervor.

“Sometimes when I go out and I hear DJs playing Nigerian songs, and they switch to Ghanaian music, the quality just drops, in terms of mixes, in terms of my production. It’s a few artists who are really doing interesting things, but I feel like our whole attitude towards the whole thing is almost like we’ve given up on that flex too,” he lamented.

M3nsa emphasized the need for a better understanding of the dynamics of music production, including the approach to creating music and the quality of the final product. He acknowledged the disparity in population size between Ghana and Nigeria, with Nigeria’s significantly larger population providing a more extensive platform for their music to make a global impact.

In the evolving landscape of African music, M3nsa’s blunt assessment adds to the ongoing dialogue about the strategies, investments, and mindset required to elevate the Ghanaian music industry to new heights, fostering healthy competition and collaboration across the continent.

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