ODB’s Daughter Bursts Into Tears After Getting Tattoo Tribute To Late Rapper

ODB’s daughter Taniqua Jones has gotten some new ink as a tribute to her late father, and seeing the final product caused her to burst into tears.

The heartwarming moment was caught on video on Monday (June 19), when Taniqua saw the completed ink for the first time in the mirror of Cypress Tattoos in Oregon. The afternoon was a family affair, with Jones’ sister Shaquita Jones and her mom Icelene Jones also in tow for the special occasion.

Sporting a detailed portrait of Ol Dirty Bastard’s face and signature gold teeth, Jones was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the portrayal of her father was.

“That is so nice,” Taniqua said before letting out a brief sob. “Sorry…Thank you so much.”

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ODB passed away in 2004 from a drug overdose, and in a recent interview with AllHipHop, his son Weather Park discussed the role RZA played in his life following his father’s death, and how his presence has helped him navigate life’s challenges.

“I would call RZA and just ask him questions about anything like meditation, thinking, breathing skills, just things to keep the mental health in order,” Weather Park said. “As we both know, I lost my dad. So without my dad, I would say that I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. But having a great mind like RZA just available to speak to me is super helpful to my life. Just keeping my head on the swivel, even though I was maybe facing things that an average person from New York City is facing.”

He continued: “I applaud him for even being in my life, even if it was at its littlest degree. I applaud him for it because the time that he took just to talk to me was enough to let me go back and read a book, you know what I mean? And not just because I’m around the Abbot. It’s more about I have to continuously be teaching myself something.

“So I don’t know, I guess that’s the perfect way to word it. Yeah, just very impactful. I would say his relationship in my life is very impactful.”

The eccentric Wu-Tang Clan member’s impact will also soon be the focus of a special A&E documentary titled Biography: Ol’ Dirty Bastard, which has been approved by ODB’s estate.

According to a press release, the biography will be “a celebration of his artistry and legacy” and “an unflinching look at the complexities of his life including addiction, adultery, fame, mental illness, sudden wealth, race and criminal justice.” It will also “ask the question of just how complicit the media and music industry were in hastening his demise.”

“I am thrilled to tell the full story of my husband,” Icelene said of the project at the time. “With this documentary the world will learn about the son, the husband, the father, and the artist. I’m proud of the team that we built, including Pulse, my producing partners Nicole Beckett and Messiah Jacobs at Four Screens, and our directing team, the Pollards.”

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