Omi In A Hellcat Burns Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Balenciaga

Rapper/entrepreneur Omi In A Hellcat burned tens of thousands of dollars worth of Balenciaga gear amid its child BDSM photo shoot scandal.

Omi flushed his house of all things Balenciaga on Tuesday, piling up dozens of sneakers and several articles of clothing and torching them all while cursing anyone still willing to support the brand, and warning them to stay away from his kids.

The newfound closet space freed up room for his own Omi sneaker brand of which he prepared a massive shipment for his customers.

Omi also lashed out at commenters demanding he sell off the luxury goods instead of burning them, reaffirming that he wanted to rid the world of Balenciaga permanently.

Many high-profile hip hop artists have remained mum on their beloved fashion house’s scandal … which showed toddlers photographed with stuffed bears wearing apparent BDSM gear, and legal documents referencing child pornography.

Balenciaga has since issued an apology and filed a lawsuit against the marketing agency it claims was wholly responsible for the shoot. We’ll see if that helps their case with rappers.


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