Snoop Dogg and designer Philipp Plein have joined forces with a sneaker collaboration. A combination of Plein’s gothic aesthetic and Snoop Dogg’s musical legacy are the focal points of this partnership. The two creatives are offering a sneaker in two styles: a black and gold colorway designed with a platform heel, patent black leather body and gold logo, as well as a purple, black and yellow colorway embellished with crystals, inspired by the Lakers. 

An intimate celebration transpired on Monday night inside “Chateau Falconview,” Plein’s Bel Air guest home. The main residence sat atop the winding road, sitting on 3.6 acres at a property reportedly worth $200 million. The gathering hosted numerous celebrities such as musician Tommy Lee. It wrapped around 10 p.m. with a giant sized cake replica of the purple sneaker. 

Snoop expressed his brotherhood with Plein, which happened organically over time and started off with mutual fanhood. Growing up in Long Beach California, Snoop said, “Me and Philipp have been friends for a few years. We’ve done a few events together, some runway shows in different countries. We decided to come up with a collaboration, so I wanted to put my influence on a shoe, but I wanted him to perfect the show so I didn’t really have too much to do with creative as much as him and his team did, because I trust what they do. You can walk to it, dance to it. You can work out to it. You can wear it with pants, shorts, sweats. You can wear it with anything. It’s made for everybody.” 

As Plein has stated before, he values the importance of “authentic” partnerships. Snoop has performed at previous Plein shows and both the rapper’s father and son have walked the designer’s runway. “It’s a family business,” expressed Plein. 

Snoop Dogg’s Plein Dogg collection is available at Plein’s stores and website.


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