Sped-Up Songs Are Taking Over TikTok

Tik Tok has proven to be the new face of online marketing. Targeting the youth , todays artiste just neds a good song and a viral dance and once this gets on tiktok . everything changes.

On Sept. 22, the TikTok account Ezzsounds posted a simple remix of the track, pushing the tempo until the song catches the jitters. This new version was a world away from the slow-and-low original — at 114 beats per minute, it’s like a train threatening to jump the tracks. TikTokers loved it.

It’s easy to survey TikTok or scan streaming charts and conclude that songs which zip along at a breakneck pace are popular on the app. It’s much harder to explain why. Part of TikTok’s power also stems from the way it makes room for users to fiddle with songs and upload their versions of popular sounds, changing the stakes of fan engagement (REF:Billboard)

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