Styles P Defends Fat Joe Over ‘Lie’ Confession: ‘R&B Singers Lie In 95 Percent Of Their Songs!’

Styles P doesn’t have a problem with Fat Joe’s recent claim that the majority of his lyrics are untrue. As a matter of fact, he too believes that artists should be allowed to take certain liberties with their output.

On Tuesday (December 5), The LOX stopped by The Breakfast Club for a chat that covered a range of new and old topics. At one point, Styles took a moment to address his fellow New Yorker’s comments about authenticity in Hip Hop.

“R&B singers is lying in 95 percent of their songs,” he said. “Country may be harder than rap. You ever listen to country music? They be sayin’ some gangsta shit.”

After emphasizing that musicians should be afforded a certain level of flexibility when it comes to the material they put out, he pointed out the imbalance in accountability when it comes to Hip Hop.

“They never even say nothing to the record labels who’re putting out the artists,” he added. “They never say nothing to the radio stations, they never say nothing to the magazines, but you wanna hold the poor kid from the ghetto responsible for trying to make it doing what he knows is popular genre.”

The 49-year-old MC concluded: “[Black folks] have a right to take care of our community, but sometimes you gotta let a person grow into that.”

Check out the discussion at the 24:58 mark below:

Fat Joe raised a lot of eyebrows when he defended Young Thug by claiming that he’s lied in most of the songs he’s released throughout his career. During a CNN interview with Gayle King, the Bronx rapper said it’s a “travesty” that Thugga’s lyrics can be used against him in the ongoing YSL RICO case.

“I’ve been rapping professionally for 30 years — I’ve lied in almost 95 percent of my songs,” he began. “I’m being honest. I write like I feel that day. I’m just being creative. You couldn’t build a jail high enough for the lyrics I’ve said on songs which are all untrue.”

He continued: “What’s even more horrible is that the district attorneys, they know those lyrics ain’t real. They know that’s creativity. But if it helps their case, they’ll use it to put these guys in jail.”

Soon after, Joe went live on Instagram to address the comments and elaborated on the intent with which he said it. In explaining himself, he pointed out that MCs “move off of inspiration,” switching between a range of emotions such as anger, love, peace and tranquility.

“I had to say 95 percent of what I say is a lie so that they can understand that it’s unfair to try some kids for the rest of their life with shit they might’ve not done,” he said. “What you gotta understand is that it’s creativity […] now if I say I use my imagination, my creativity in my music don’t mean I ain’t live a real fuckin’ life in the streets.”


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